With over tens of millions of players around the world, Pokemon Go has quickly become one of the top mobile games ever. This handy little augmented reality game turns the normal world around you into a Pokemon catcher’s dream. Whenever you are walking around, you can find and capture Pokemon. You could even battle gyms if wish to. But with over 150 Pokemon to find and capture, the process of finding them all is really time consuming. There is a way for you to capture all of the Pokemon that you want, you could just buy an account for Pokemon Go. Why buy an account for Pokemon Go when you can just get one for free? Here is why buying a Pokemon Go account is much better than you would think.

No need to walk

You will need to walk a lot if you want to find the Pokemon that you want. So you can literally save yourself a lot of sweat if you just buy an account for Pokemon Go. All of that walking can take time, which can equal to roughly about a few hundred hours. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble, just buy an account.

Save money on spending

To get all of the Pokemon that you want you actually need to spend money. Lures and PokeDolls can cost a lot of money. So if you want to save money by not spending on those things, just buy an account. This would enable you to save money because you need to spend money only one, and that is to buy the account.

Capture all of them

You can capture all of the Pokemon and even the rare ones if you buy an account. This is because most of the accounts that you can buy will have a complete Pokedex. This can help you out a lot especially, if you are having a hard time finding all of the Pokemon.

Impress other people

You can really impress other Pokemon Go players, when you should them your complete Pokedex. If you are someone that has got a lot of friends that play Pokemon Go, then you should buy an account.

It is cheap to buy a Pokemon Go account!

The cost of buying a Pokemon Go account is actually really cheap. They are really affordable since these kinds of accounts are really plentiful. So you do not need to worry about the price of getting a new account for Pokemon Go.

There are a lot more compelling reasons for why you should buy Pokemon Go accounts. In general, it is a really great time-saver if you just bought an account for Pokemon Go instead of trying to capture all of the Pokemon yourself. In the end whether or not you have bought your Pokemon Go account or if you have caught all of the Pokemon yourself, the end result is always the same. So why not just purchase an account for Pokemon Go? You can save yourself a lot of trouble, and you get to complete the Pokedex as well.