There are numerous varieties of trampoline for kids to select from that is safe for use and provides never-ending fun and excitement. The ideal choice for your kid will depend on your resources and the type of trampoline you want to purchase.

We have narrowed down these choices into two:

  • Enclosure models.
  • Bar models.


For maximum safety, it is advisable that you opt for a trampoline for kids that are equipped with a restricted boundary. This is the ideal choice for kids that are a little older due to their weight and amazing jumping capability.


Skywalker created an 8ft. model that has a low height in which kids can enter without the need of using a ladder, and is one of the safer models that you can get in the market. The model’s specs and features are

  • Weight Capacity: 175 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 8ft. x 8ft. x 6.5 ft.
  • Weight: 87 pounds.
  • Recommended Age: 6 and up.

What makes Skywalker stand out from others is the valuable parts and features that come with their trampolines. This model has a safe bounded area that is padded with soft foam to get rid of injuries when using it especially when they are close to the supports and springs. The legs of the trampoline utilize T-sockets to protect the joints from breaking or twisting.


The SkyBound Super 7 comes with a built-in enclosure which helps to keep all jumpers safe and provides a 7 ft. jumping space. This model is specially designed for kids (3 years and above) – but can also have the capacity for older kids. The Super 7 features and specification are:

  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds (110-pound weight limit warranty).
  • Dimensions: 6.5 ft. x 7.5 ft.
  • Weight: 52 pounds.
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and above.

In the manual, the manufacturer stated that it only have a maximum jumping capacity for 220 pounds, but warranty only covers 110-pound weight or lower. So, you can easily choose any one that suits your needs and specification.