In the olden days, when men usually solve problem or issues with a duel, every one of them must have a knife in their possession. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are a prissy genteel who played a device called a “harpsichord” or a strong frontiersman, you would always make use of a knife. Well, people are now matured and things have really changed, therefore, men now prefer to settle their issues through mediation or communication rather than settle them on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a knife in your possession. This article will provide valuable information about the top 10 survival knives. So, get set as we take you on this journey by giving you some of the best survival knives that should be in your possession.


Anytime you think about Sweden, the first things that come to your mind are meatballs, milkmaids, and sophisticated and complex furniture, especially if you are under the influence of alcohol. However, you might have failed to consider their bulletproof fixed blade. The A1 stand out from others and has only a few rivals, the entire A-series from Sweden-based Fallkniven has amazing features. It utilizes a laminated VG-10 steel blade that has a quality sharpness of about 6.3 inches long. The handle is Kraton which improves toughness and durability.


Expectedly, the Tracker was designed by a professional in wilderness survival, and it points out its effectiveness. Mr. Tom Brown Jr. created this knife when he couldn’t find his specific knife specs in the market. All of us benefited from his loss. Today, this knife can be grouped among the top 10 best survival knives, because it is versatile and can be used to carry out different activities. The steel is made from carbon materials, full tang blade has an effective edge that cut with ease, it can be used for gutting and cleaning fish and game, the saw edge is a perfect tool for cutting through bone or pruning saplings, and it has a stable balance to throw effectively. Make sure that you don’t do any batoning with it. Like most knives, it also has a shorter blade, but the extended grip covers up for this loss or limitation.