All through history, “location” has always played a determinant factor in the success or failure of many empires, tribes, and businesses. Important as this is, it is not something you just jump into. Finding a strategic location for your business, career, or holiday tour requires the guidance of a well experienced hand in the field. Guide-location fits that role. In those times past, access to water, fertile land, and trade routes played greats roles in shaping the destinies of many nations. Nothing has changed about that till date. Businesses and individuals still enjoy such advantages to day. Thus choosing the right location for your business, career or tour could be the single most significant decision you will make, and could prove critical to your success or failure.  A properly informed guide from a well knowledgeable source is essential to help you choose the right strategic place whether you are building a new business, or taking a vacation.

At face value, finding a location may seem an easy task due mainly due to our over-familiarity with the word “location”. It is a relatively common word that we use every day in our homes and offices, and chances are you have likely never attached much importance to it until you are in the process of setting up a business, going on a holiday or a tourist site. In these situations, it assumes a whole new meaning and importance to the extent that it could determine your success or failure.

It is even more important in our today globalized world.


In a rapidly growing global economy that has resulted in almost entirely blurring of national economic boundaries. This globalization is a great opportunity if properly harnessed. Indeed, many businesses now manufacture the products in countries where labor is cheap, and tax law is relaxed. The finished goods are then shipped back, helping the company to cut labor cost and maximize profit.

We recognize the difficulty inherent in finding the right location for your business, holiday or events. We also take cognizance of the resultant problem of choosing the wrong location.

We did not just recognize the difficulty in choosing your best strategic place. We have in place systematic strategies to find a solution for you. Over the years, we have developed a series of tools to assist you from the beginning and make sure you did not suffer the fate of learning the hard way.

Guide Location Consultants is the world’s number one location finder. We have distinguished ourselves in the past twenty-three (23) years that we have been service. We have over 730,000 companies, including some Fortune 500 companies ranging from residential/ block office to hotels, schools, tech start ups real estate companies as our clients, and have helped them in finding the most suitable place to site their business.

Additionally, we have hundreds of individuals using our app and other tools like search, maps, and navigation tools used in finding out the best locations for holidays and tourist place.

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Guide Location is your number one one-stop source for your business location/relocation inquiries, as well as the authority voice for a holiday planning location search. Want to find a strategic location for your new business, or you want to relocate your existing business to gain more exposure and sales? Or you are planning to relocate your career? Or you are just going on holiday and you want to get value for your money, so you are searching for a cool, famous and safe place to visit?

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Considerations for the Whole House HEPA Air Purifier When Relocating

Considerations for the Whole House HEPA Air Purifier When Relocating

The whole house HEPA air purifier might be the answer you’ve been waiting for if members of your families suffer from allergies. Most people don’t recognize the adverse effects of indoor air pollutions, which might be caused by the type of building materials used in our homes that contain VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds). Allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites are also common in homes and can make life miserable for its occupants.

People resort to the usage of air filters when they discover their homes make them fall sick or when they develop reactions to indoor allergic factors. The use of air filters in fighting indoor air pollutions enact gross effects on the symptoms of allergic house of occupants.

A whole house air purifying system is often better that putting filters in different rooms if several of your family members suffer from allergies. Which is why the whole house HEPA air purifier is the best choice as it can be fitted into your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It can properly destroy the allergens from all the air circulations in your homes and works better with high ceiling houses, as it can circulate more air than other smaller filters.

An advantage to acquiring this filter system is that requires very little space as it can be fixed up in the attic or basement, the fans, filters and operating unit hidden from sight. Providing your house with fresh, allergen free air while consuming very little space.

The whole house HEPA air purifier is, of course, a tad more expensive that single room air filters. But if you have a lot of rooms that need fresh air and several members of the family that suffer allergic reactions, rather than installing individual room filters, the whole house HEPA air purifier is the smarter choice.


Toaster Oven Reviews – Essential Considerations for Location

Toaster Oven Reviews – Essential Considerations for Location


You’re probably wondering if it makes sense to buy a toaster oven or not. Well, this write-up should help you make up your mind. It’s easy to be deceived by the usual notion that a toaster oven can only make toast, but there is no truth in that assertion. The reality is that the toaster oven is an amazingly handy kitchen appliance and a lot of people discover that, with the oven around, they are able to complete more kitchen tasks easier than before. All you need to do is check out some toaster oven reviews for the benefits you can expect from getting your own toaster oven.

If you’re thinking about swiftly re-heating a whole chicken or a slice of pizza, a toaster oven can be a fantastic option. However, it doesn’t only reheat, modern toaster ovens are also useful for making breakfast sausage to muffins and meatloaf.

Size and Capacity – Largely, the main reason why people buy toaster ovens is because they provide a useful solution for smaller kitchens. So, external size is important even though they do not reflect the available internal space. It’s possible to subdivide internal space to provide extra functionality. Cooking capacity and size are top factors for choosing a toaster oven.

Cooking Flexibility – Despite the fact that toaster ovens have a compact size, consumers still expect much more from their toaster oven beyond toasting. Examining the cooking versatility of the model you’re interested in is very crucial.

Price – This is a top consideration when it comes to buying a toaster oven. However, it goes beyond the price in dollars and cents terms, the important things are the features you get for your money and whether it’s worth investing in top-of-the-range products.

Controls & Functions – The timers and temperature controls on a toaster oven assist with ensuring that your cooking is perfect. Reading some toaster oven reviews will give you information as to which appliances provide the best functions and controls.


The Best Locations for Anonymous Domain Registration

The Best Locations for Anonymous Domain Registration


The essence of a private domain registration is the protection of the user’s personal information. This type of registration serves to ensure that information such as your name; home address, phone number, and email address are kept away from public view. Internet privacy is usually a top priority for web developers. Most of the time when individuals register their own domain name, it will usually be listed online alongside their personal details. As soon as they start using their sites, their details are instantly accessible for any criminal or hacker. Such problems can be averted by choosing a private domain. An anonymous domain registration also referred to as a private domain registration gives the user the option to list his/her domain by proxy. Your information remains protected and privacy of all personal data is ensured.


A good number of people are bothered about being the target of a scam. When your details are put online, you immediately become the center of attention of marketing groups, junk mail, and Internet scams. Users can decide to have their website unlisted and their personal information secure. For not up to a dollar a month, you can escape the stress that accompanies having all your data available online.


It is a requirement of a majority of domain registration systems, that one’s information is made public. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, referred to this procedure as inevitable for websites. To circumvent this requirement, one can make use of an affiliate company. Rather than enlisting your data in the Whois database, you could opt for an anonymous domain registration.

When you visit the Whois database, none of your personal data will appear. Having an anonymous domain registration entitles an individual to the privacy of his name, e-mail address, phone number, and home address. He/she exercises full control of their domain registration. Users have the prerogative to alter the content on their website as well as sell their domain name. In addition, if they wish they could terminate the account or opt to renew the domain name.


Strategic Guide Location Service – Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer to Purchase

Strategic Guide Location Service – Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer to Purchase


There are several vacuum sealers on the market today; as such it may be tasking to select the best vacuum sealer to purchase. To select the best vacuum sealer, it is important to be conscious of what exactly you need. There are commercial vacuum sealers to be used on a large scale as well as small scale vacuum sealers to be used in homes.

How then do you pick out the best vacuum sealer to purchase that fits your needs?

It is first of all important to know that there are two types of vacuum sealers:

  1. External Sealer

The sealer expels air from the plastic bag in a small amount of time. The external vacuum sealer model determines the time and usually fastens shut the plastic bag.

  1. Chamber sealer

A huge advantage of this sealer is its capacity to seal up a large amount of bags. It is preferable for commercial uses. The sealer provides the user with an alternative for adjusting the suction of the level of air.

  1. Usability

There are food vacuum savers intended for beginners who have just become aware of the uses of the food vacuum sealing process. Beginners are encouraged to make use of manually operated devices.

  1. Cost

Small size sealers are perfect for persons who hope to spend less because they do not have a lot of features.  The lesser features it possesses, the cheaper the sealer, and vice versa.

  1. Performance

There are food sealers for sale that operate automatically and manually. The manual sealers are however suggested for small scale use whilst automatic sealers are more flexible for use.

  1. Portability

Many people require vacuum food sealers for different purposes as such they are quite portable although sturdy in nature. However having a purpose in mind can go a long way in assisting the selection of the best vacuum sealer to purchase.

Searching for the Right Location – Influence of the Record Player on Culture

Searching for the Right Location – Influence of the Record Player on Culture


The creation of the record player is regarded as one of the most important influences on culture and music. A great percentage of the earliest recorded music was performed by marching bands, however, John Phillip Sousa, a famous American band leader, described in 1906 that a live performance was special and recording it does not do justice to the experience. He conceded that the equipment was “remarkable” and would suffice for someone who cannot acquire musical skills or be present at a performance, he was, however, afraid that they would reduce the value of acquiring musical talent and composing novel works.

Exposure to recorded music led to a greater revelation of different kinds of music for all kinds of individuals. Home-based musicians who recorded their music, distribute their songs around the globe.  Furthermore, recorded music contributed to healing the racial divide in America. Recordings of black artists became increasingly popular, this is inclusive of jazz musicians in the 1920s, Motown artists as well in the 1960s and lately; rappers.

During the mid-20th century, the record industry experienced growth; however, this changed after the Second World War as portable music became common. In the latter half of the 20th century, music was transmitted through different mediums, such as; transistor radios, tape players and lately CDs and MP3 players.

Although people’s ways of listening to recorded music have changed through the years; the record player can still be regarded as having set the trend. This is certain and irrefutable; although the recording medium may evolve, this cannot – the feeling we get when we listen to it. It has not changed since Edison first developed his scratchy recordings on tinfoil. Thomas Edison seems to have perceived the importance of that development. When he was asked, of your thousands of patents, which is your most beloved brainchild? “I love the phonograph best,” he answered.


Relocation Plans – How to Get a Background Check For Free Online

Relocation Plans – How to Get a Background Check For Free Online


A plethora of reasons exists as to why you ought to get a background check. This begs the question of when last you got an online background check of yourself done.

It is important because there may be several misinformations about you on the internet or in your credit report. You could also find old posts of picture or comments you made a while ago that may be embarrassing.

This erroneous information may turn up when next you apply for employment or a loan and may end up discrediting you. Luckily for you, there are measures that can be taken to avert such injurious information.

Carrying out a background check on someone you met online or a new roommate is equally a great idea. It may be helpful to be aware of whatever upsetting or perturbing facts of a person’s past.

You cannot employ just any service for insurance or credit reasons, especially if you’re an employer or landlord, for this reason, background checks are quite tricky.

Using a Consumer Reporting Agency is necessary under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A CRA has to uphold definite standards to protect data as well as proffer dispute resolution.

You could be liable or get into trouble for rejecting a prospective employee, tenant and even domestic workers based on a background check carried out by a firm that is not a CRA.

You could use any other legitimate procedures for investigating romantic partners or potential roommates. It is, however, easier to engage a professional service as there exist several background check agencies online. You must be careful with scam companies as well. In considering prices to get a background check, be wary of services that offer too high or too low prices.