If you’re planning on doing your own label printing or etikettendruckerei at home, office, or industrially, you may be pondering what kinds of label printers are available on the market for you to buy. There are a couple you may want to consider;

  1. Desktop Label Printers

These are designed for use in mid-volume commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings. Examples of these types of printers include ZD500 and Zebras GX which provide print speeds that are fast plus an assortment of useful additional features. These printers are best for receipt printing, light manufacturing, high-resolution label printing, and retail inventory labeling.


  1. Commercial Label Printers

These types of printers are utilized in medium etikettendruckerei settings. They have the capacity to hold a bigger roll of stock so that they are able to print a higher quantity of labels at one go compared to a desktop label printer. Examples of these types of printers are Primera LX-400, LX-900, and LX-2000. They are mostly used in the manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and retail industries.


  1. Industrial Label Printers

These types of label printers are designed to endure the toughest of environments such as factories and distribution centers. They are used in high demand, heavy-duty industries such as asset management, inventory management, cross docking, and docking management. Examples of these types of printers are Argox X-1000V, X-2500V, X-2000V, and G-6000.The printing speeds of heavy duty label printers can differ with the printing speeds ranging from 2-4ips to 8ips. Therefore, it is important to make a decision about how quickly you’d be needing the labels so as to avoid any delays in the distribution cycle.

Portable industrial printers are also on the market and they are also suitable for etikettendruckerei on mining or construction sites. In these situations, there is usually a central printer that handles the label information which is shared across different locations resulting in time and money savings.