Apart from Facebook, business owners are now exploiting Instagram and have discovered that it has a large audience and can be used effectively as a social media marketing tool. Read on to find some guidelines on how businesses can ganhar seguidores instagram on this budding social network. In actual fact, there are numerous factors to consider if you wish to boost your profile and get more followers. This will surely take some time and it cannot happen overnight.

Run Contests for User-Generated Content

This is a great way to relate with your audience. Everyone likes free stuff so the request for people to upload images or video which will show them using your product (or at your business location) and ensure that they tag you when they are entering to win a promo or a competition. You could also erect a signboard at your business location showing a description like, “Would you like to be featured on our page on Instagram!” and you can then tag the person in the post.

Purchase Instagram Ads

It is quite easy and cheaper to run ads on Instagram and you can also decide to run the Instagram ads via Facebook’s Ad platform. Just ensure that your main reason for creating the page is for brand awareness or engagement. These are the factors that will ensure that your ads get to the right audience and there is a high chance that they will follow your account and develop an interest in your product/service.

Have a Clear Content Strategy

You can’t boost your Instagram followers until you have created some amazing features or contents on your Instagram page. If you are a starter and not used to Instagram, you can start by generating a content strategy. If you have already created an Instagram but it is growing at a slow pace and you want it to boost it, reevaluate your content strategy and identify the grey areas. Endeavour to do a proper adjustment if there is any need for it. Endeavour to consider these factors and make an informed decision.