Irrespective of the type of experiences you have, it’s better to share it with others so you can feel better. Having the best WhatsApp status goes a long way in building up your motivation. So, if you’re out to showcase the kind of life you live, think about posting a WhatsApp status about life experiences as that’s the latest way of expressing our feelings.

Here are a couple of remarkable WhatsApp status about life which you can also use as your Facebook status;

Life is not only about finding yourself. Instead, it can also be about creating yourself.

Here is a fascinating detail about life – life is only 10% of our life experiences and about 90% of how we respond to it.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the extent of years in your life and not the number of years in your life.

Live life in different ways, play it as a game, sing it like a song, match it like a contest, recognize it like a dream, and relish it like love.

Learn lessons from your errors and you’ll be an improved person. It is how you manage adversity and not the impact it has on your life.

Your number one purpose in life is assisting others. If you cannot assist them, then do not hurt them.

People will disrespect and treat you poorly in life, leave it for God to deal with because you can also be consumed by the hate in your heart.

Have you ever watched sparrows? They have no idea what they’ll be up to in the next instant. We should live every moment of our lives in that way.

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