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Find out what kind of destinations we aim to send you too, as well as the top recommendations regading each of them.

Nature only

We recommend discovering the less popular areas of your favorite destinations – explore uncharted areas yourself.

Going high

There is something majestic about mountains, so each of our mountainous destinations features a trek to the top.

The wildlife

Every place in the world has its own wildlife. Go out and admire wild animals that you may not see everyday in their natural environment.

Unique phenomena

From Aurora Borealis to frozen methane bubbles and blood waterfalls, there are certain places out there that will stun you with their uniqueness.

Local architecture

Each place has its own history and many of the past influences are still visible in the local architecture. Stroll around and admire – simple as that.

Admire simplicity

The locals’ simplicity in certain parts of the world will stun you – some people find happiness in rain or sun, with no technology. Experience that yourself!

Diving in

Water, water everywhere! From waterfalls to calm waters and beaches, plenty of our guides target water based destinations.

Local festivals

If you can travel around a local festival, you are a winner! Nothing can be more exciting than diving in with the locals to celebrate.

Get lost in the unknown

Do not be afraid to get lost in a beautiful city. Turn left, then right, then left and left, then keep going. You will love it!

Check out our full list of guides. Find something you like and book as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.