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Travel Info: 214-476-1064

Whether you need travel information or advice for your upcoming booking, call our customer service team and talk to one of our agents. You can also call while you are already on holiday.

Bookings: 214-358-4042

Need help booking? Any advice? Consider it done! Call our dedicated line for bookings and one of our representatives will help you with anything you might need.

Send us a message and our agents will contact you promptly

Knowledge Center and FAQs

How early do I have to book?


It depends from one travel destination to another. Some guides are made for exquisite destinations that people barely wait to visit. These ones will be fully booked quite fast. Some others are slower. They are just as beautiful, but less popular. Ideally, you should try booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What do I need to book?


If you have ever booked anything before, the procedure is similar. We will ask you for some personal details for identification. You will also have to make the full payment upfront, so have your payment details ready.



Can I book a large group instead of going with strangers?


Each of our travel guides is recommended to a particular amount of people. Some guides are made for up to 10 people. Some others are made for up to 50 people. It depends. If you and your friends want to book the entire experience for yourselves only, get in touch with us and we will let you know what options you have. In the worst case, your group might be too big. But other than that, there should be no problems whatsoever.



When do you organize travel experiences?


Our travel experiences are organized year round. Some destinations go crazy in the summertime, but they are dead in the wintertime. Some others go alive in the wintertime, but no one goes there in the summertime.



Do I need a passport to go with you?


It depends on multiple factors. Each country has its own regulations for every other country, so it depends on the travel experience you book, as well as the country of origin. If, for example, you are an European Union national and you only travel within the European Union, you can go with your national ID – no need for an international actual passport.



Can you adjust the travel experience on the way?


We are quite flexible. Assuming we go to one place and there is an attraction that plenty of our guests would like to see without affecting our schedule, there are no reasons why we should overlook it. We plan each travel experience in the smallest details. We also allow at least 20% extra time for each activity. Unexpected situations arise when least expected after all. If there are none, all this extra time will build up for extra activities.

Are there any risks involved with your travel experiences?


Not a single one! Even those travel experiences that involve visiting local neighborhoods, attending local events and eating in less touristy restaurants are carefully planned in the smallest details. Every once in a while, it does pay off leaving those overcrowded and overpriced downtown places behind. This is the right way to explore the local lifestyle and culture. We have done our homeworks before, so you are perfectly safe.



How long do your travel experiences last?


It depends. The shortest trips and travel experiences we do will keep you away from home for five days. The longest ones will go up to 10 days. It depends on the destination, as well as the available attractions, events and sightseeing opportunities. We do not want our guests to feel bored a single moment, so we try to fill everything up. We also have backup solutions in case some attractions are closed or we finish too fast.