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As a customer focus business, we love keeping in touch with customers and knowing what is affecting them. We love to know what question you have in mind, and your suggestions and reviews as a highly esteemed customer are vital to us. Your feedback and reviews help us to gauge our performance and help to ensure we are always on the right in our effort to continue to provide top-notch service to you in choosing a better strategic location for your business, relocation, holiday/tours, etc.

Therefore, we assume that you have questions, inquiries. We would love it if we could hear from you and share ideas with you. So, what is it that you will like to tell us about or is it that you want to know what we will say to you on any particular issue, by all means, do get in touch with us let’s discuss your concern and share ideas together.

We are here for you, and only for you. Our purpose and duty are to help you on your journey in choosing a strategic location for your business, holidays/tours, and relocating for your career. We want to make sure you have the best suitable place where your business will thrive, your holiday a memorable time one and help you settle quickly and effortlessly when you just relocated.  So we ask that you will help us to help you. The Guide Location is the leading area finding guide in the world right now. The most sought after location service in the world that helps you to get the right place anywhere in the world.

Even more important point to note is that unlike other services that use only software to track locations, we are uniquely different in that we use both human and software to analyze data. We visit the place when necessary and have our app to guide you on a  24/7 basis.

After more than 23 years of hard work, we have a proven track record and millions of satisfied clients from many different background and needs. Our service has achieved global status and fame. We are trusted and well reputed in the industry as evident in the 5-star reviews from our millions of customers that lavishing praise on us.

You can count on our support team to handle any of your questions. Our support team is the best in what they do. They are friendly and warm, confident, disciplined, and very knowledgeable and yet meekly humble.

Our customer support is free, and you can ask any question you wish. You will find out that our ideas and advice are the best and you can always depend on it. Something you will bank on.

Being a web based business, we operate on a 24/7 basis all year round, though we also have physical office locations in several countries.

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London Office 226 – 555 – 7382
Toronto Office 416 – 555 -2635

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