The essence of a private domain registration is the protection of the user’s personal information. This type of registration serves to ensure that information such as your name; home address, phone number, and email address are kept away from public view. Internet privacy is usually a top priority for web developers. Most of the time when individuals register their own domain name, it will usually be listed online alongside their personal details. As soon as they start using their sites, their details are instantly accessible for any criminal or hacker. Such problems can be averted by choosing a private domain. An anonymous domain registration also referred to as a private domain registration gives the user the option to list his/her domain by proxy. Your information remains protected and privacy of all personal data is ensured.


A good number of people are bothered about being the target of a scam. When your details are put online, you immediately become the center of attention of marketing groups, junk mail, and Internet scams. Users can decide to have their website unlisted and their personal information secure. For not up to a dollar a month, you can escape the stress that accompanies having all your data available online.


It is a requirement of a majority of domain registration systems, that one’s information is made public. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, referred to this procedure as inevitable for websites. To circumvent this requirement, one can make use of an affiliate company. Rather than enlisting your data in the Whois database, you could opt for an anonymous domain registration.

When you visit the Whois database, none of your personal data will appear. Having an anonymous domain registration entitles an individual to the privacy of his name, e-mail address, phone number, and home address. He/she exercises full control of their domain registration. Users have the prerogative to alter the content on their website as well as sell their domain name. In addition, if they wish they could terminate the account or opt to renew the domain name.