Most time we get the feeling that it is somewhat a smart decision to look out for a locksmith online. Nonetheless, we could end being a victim of a fraud or a fake locksmith that claims to be what they are not as described on the e-directories. One of the cases is that these fake locksmiths fake their identity as one of those legitimate ones that offer accounts for business that are in need of security services. The surprising fact is that they might not have any local office space or workshop and they are not trained properly, to the point that a good number of them operate through call centers that are out-of-state.

There are very few thoughtful steps can be taken in order to assist you to avoid hiring the services of an untrained impersonator or perhaps a scamming company.

  1. Check Identification and License

It is very important that whenever a locksmith arrives at your residence you demand a form of identification, including some form of license in which on is very much applicable. It is important you are aware of the fact that only fifteen states in the countries demand that a locksmith is licensed before they operate, thus making a punishable crime to advertise and work as a locksmith without the necessary credentials.

  1. Beware of low prices

It is recommended that you request for a quote over the phone right before any technician meets with you. Whenever you are provided with a low price that seems unbelievable, be skeptical with it. They are some of the red flags that you can look out for.

  1. Ask about any extra services or charges

You might as well ask if they require an additional fee if it is an emergency or fare fee. Scammers are so inventive and always looking for an opportunity to add an extra dollar to your pay. Take for instance they will tell you that your door lock needs some replacement. For any locksmith company, it is alright to bring the suggestion to the customer if there is a need for an added security but make sure that they will need all both sides and has all the freedom to take the other services or not, so it will not come to the customer by surprise.

  1. Changes in their offered price on actual location

Sometimes when they arrived at your door, the price will suddenly get high as though they will try to tell you that it is because your location is far, and etc. Some scamming companies may even demand shady works they had done on your locks and would even scare you to file cases. If this occurs, stay on your ground and never agree with their drastic price increase. You have the right to be informed in the first place for whatever additional fee and charges, so make sure before you agree to touch your lock, you had a written quote with complete details about the pricing and the work need to be done for better clarification procedure.

  1. Replacement of lock does not need any drilling work

Be wary when the locksmith will talk about drilling on your door. An experienced locksmith had the training and specialized tools to reopen any types of locks. Drilling to replace the lock is one of the modus that scamming locksmith company does to ask for added service which typically surmounted to four hundred dollars whereas if you will just get a locksmith master with key cut tools, it does not reach to that cost.

  1. Raise more questions before you get their services

As a customer, you have every right to ask any questions pertaining to their business and services such as their shop location, estimated time for work to be done, or the extra factors that may cause additional cost for the job to be completed. If you call for the services of the locksmith you got from e-directories, you may also check about the name of the person who will come to do the services, you cannot just let anyone come into your premises without checking out if it is them.

Lastly, if you think that the locksmith company is overcharging you, ask for pardon otherwise seek assistance with a lawyer. There are many agencies and offices of the states that pursue a refund for any overcharging services, so do not hesitate to give them a call or ask their advice. The above tips are helpful so that you can stay out of getting scam by some unethical companies, which we have known are always there and just looking around for opportunities to take advantage of others or their clients.