About us

Guide Location is your number one one-stop source for your business location/relocation inquiries, as well as the authority voice for a holiday planning location search. Want to find a strategic location for your new business, or you want to relocate your existing business to gain more exposure and sales? Or you are planning to relocate your career? Or you are just going on holiday and you want to get value for your money, so you are searching for a cool, famous and safe place to visit?

Whatever is it that is your reason for relocating or going on holiday, there is always a sure guide for you here at the Guide Location.

Our service comprises of various location finding guides, each custom-made to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Thus, it does not matter what you are searching for. Be you a student trying to find a good international school that will take you, or you are a small/big business trying to find a strategic location within a particular national boundary or internationally. Even if you are just on holiday or a tourist, there is a complete guide for you to use and enjoy your holiday/tour.

At Guide Location, recognize the difficulty associated with finding a good location all by yourself as well as the potential consequence of being in missing out on a good location. We do not wish you to suffer such fate so we have put together the essential tools and materials to provide a perfect way out.

Guide Location Consultants is the world’s number one location finder. We have distinguished ourselves in the past twenty-three (23) years that we have been service. We have over hundreds of companies, including some Fortune 500 companies ranging from residential apartments/ block office to hotels, schools, tech start-ups real estate companies as our clients, and have helped them in finding the most suitable place to site their business.

Additionally, we have hundreds of individuals using our apps and other tools like search, maps, and navigation tools used in finding out the best locations for holidays and tourist.

With our 23 years experience and over 700,000 subscribing clients and counting, you can trust that we know our place and our way around. We will help you to choose the right strategic location for your business and expand it both within national borders, or internationally.

When you are on holidays, you use our tools to find best places to visit